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A compilation of some of the best Crossfit fails. THANKS FOR WATCHING BEASTS!!!🤜🏼🤛🏼🤟🏼SUBSCRIBE HERE www.youtubem/channel/UC_HrLQQwCBRngwj. find out here. don’t ever put this on youtube! listen to this podcast.

Check out the funny Girl Weight Lifting Fails | Crossfit Workout Fails. Here you see the workout girl fails of 2018, which have to do with crossfit and are v. click here for more info.

9 Hilarious CrossFit TikToks That Will Make You Feel Very Seen. If you haven’t sunk multiple hours into TikTok over the last 18 months all I can say is 1) good job, and 2) you might be missing out! The CrossFit tag currently 1.9 billion views associated with it — meaning there’s a whole lot of CrossFit content out there being made by. on the main page.

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